Education (Theory of change)

Okafor Michael (Applied MCB, NnamdiAzikiwe University, NAU), an ex-student of Presentation Secondary School, Awgu, receives cheque for full university scholarship from the Chairman, for being a part of the team that won the 2011 Annual Quiz Competition

Education is the bedrock of every economy. It is the critical factor that separates developed, knowledge-based economies from developing, resource-based economies. Unfortunately Africa has not fared well in building a robust system of knowledge transfer both in terms of access and quality. In Nigeria for instance, while efforts are being made through the Universal Basic Education Scheme to give access to children at the primary and secondary schools levels; prohibitive costs have continued to exclude many indigent but bright students from the benefits of higher education.

To increase both access and quality of education in Nigeria, we have provided bursary support to deserving students, encouraged academic competition through our annual secondary schools quiz competitions, and continue to run 22 adult literacy centres. Winning teams in our annual quiz competitions receive automatic scholarship to study any course of their choice in higher institutions in addition to the open full higher education scholarship scheme which is commencing today.

Our Scorecard

Quiz Team Leader of Presentation Secondary School, Awgu being congratulated by the Chairman for winning the 2013 Annual Secondary Schools Quiz Competition

Over 5, 000 women and youths have received basic education in our 22 Adult Literacy Centres

2,062 students have completed their university education courtesy of our bursary scheme

15 schools, their quiz masters and deserving students have received different categories of awards including complete sets of science equipment, text and exercise books and financial assistance by participating in our annual secondary schools quiz competition


Our Current Priorities

Our Chairman in a group photograph with Graduate Trainees of the Science Equipment Development Institute (SEDI), Enugu

To scale-up our existing education programmes, especially the adult literacy programme being celebrated here today, to accommodate more people and localities

To combat under-nutrition-induced pupil absenteeism in the early child development and primary education levels through awareness creation and  implementing a school-based feeding programme


Policy Linkage

Cross section of adult learners in our adult literacy programme sitting for the FSLC on 5th July, 2013

Achieving our priorities will directly contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, MDGs (education is at the heart of all the Goals) as well as the inchoate post-MDGs development paradigm. It will also contribute directly to the Dakar Platform for Action on the Education for All, EFA Goals, especially Goal 6 which pays particular attention on improving all aspects of the quality of education.

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