This programme promotes educational inclusion by ensuring that students from poor families have the same level of access to higher education as their counterparts from well-to-do families.


It is also aimed at supporting gifted people to receive university education irrespective of their economic status. Many poor families have witnessed a turnaround in their economic fortunes by having one of their own access quality education.

The programme commenced formally in the 2013/2014 session, with 15 students selected through a rigorous process being the first beneficiaries. However, two other undergraduate students are also enjoying the scholarship courtesy of their being part of the team that won the 2011 secondary schools quiz competition. Click to view list of beneficiaries HERE.


PROGRAMME OBJECTIVE: To help improve quality of human resources in target communities by ensuring that indigent but bright undergraduate students are supported with necessary finances that will enable them complete their education.

OUTCOME: Improved quality of human resource in target communities



  1. Cost of university education is a barrier to entry for many low-income students
  2. Poor students are more likely to drop out of school
  3. Demands for a new workforce to meet the challenges of a global economy is rapidly increasing



  1. A university education improves quality of life and lifetime earning power


Target Groups

  1. Undergraduate students from low-income families


Expected Outcomes


  1. University education is accessible to students from poor families through scholarships, bursaries and other support programs


  1. Improved human capital in rural communities
  2. Expanded economic opportunities in communities




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